Medium: Philadelphia After Covid-19: Taking The Optimistic Path


Imagine it’s 2030. The Rolling Stones are launching their new tour, “The Rolling Stones Zombie Edition.” In an interesting twist, both Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton have announced their intentions to run for president in 2032, while President Andrew Cuomo is saying “Bring it on.” And the biggest myFlix movie hit is the 10th sequel of “Nightmare on COVID Street: Edition X.” It appears that even ten years later, people are spending money to be frightened by COVID again.

And what about health care? After the shocks of 2020, the heroics, the lingering trauma to families and caregivers — how did healthcare delivery change by 2030? Is it still fragmented, confusing, occasionally unsafe and deeply inequitable?

Read President and Chief Executive Officer of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health, Stephen Klasko’s piece here on Medium.

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