Health Affairs: How Good Could Our Health Be In The Future If We Start Shaping It Differently Now?


The future is arriving quickly as technology and the way we do business on a global scale continues to rapidly change.

Shifts across various industries could impact the economy as well as health and well-being, as access to health care has been heavily interwoven into people’s employment and benefits. Climate change is another factor influencing health and well-being because of its growing impact on natural resources, the environment, and food systems. Since the wealthy are better able to insulate themselves from issues like these, the negative impacts will fall inequitably onto vulnerable populations.

The question on the minds of many is whether we are fated to these destinies, or can we shift our trajectory to adapt to the challenges and embrace the promising opportunities of the future?

In February, Health Affairs released a piece on their GrantWatch blog written by Blue Shield of California Foundation President & CEO Raymond Baxter and Rippel President & CEO Laura Landy. The desire to start a powerful conversation about how good health and well-being could be in the future—if we begin to think and act differently now—prompted the creation of FORESIGHT. Through FORESIGHT, these two foundations and their 15 philanthropic partners, seek to explore the vast number of interconnected issues that could impact US health in the future.

Learn more in this commentary published in Health Affairs GrantWatch Blog:

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