CalHealthReport Opinion: We Need a New Conversation About Health


As you know, FORESIGHT is a partnership of 17 health-focused philanthropies in more than a dozen US states to change the national conversation about health, and we are inviting corporations, community leaders, policymakers and families from across the country to join us.

The partners are working with futurists to identify forces already in motion that could massively shift the economy, environment, peoples’ sense of belonging, and technology as we know it. Cost and access are today’s cornerstone topics in our national conversation, for good reason. But our leaders should also be asking: What forces shape health and well-being—today and in the future? What do Americans really need and want in terms of health? Can we design a healthier future for all of us, not just people with the most money and privilege?

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The world is changing fast. It’s time we design a future for health together.
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