Game Changer 4: The Rise of Competing Points of View

Richard Lum | 09/30/2019

In the US and around the world, the competition between different moral, ethical, and cultural points of view is intensifying. In the first half of 2019, I worked with my team at Vision Foresight Strategy, LLC on a  Futures Scan, in which we uncovered 72 trends and emerging issues likely to impact the future for health and well-being. We’ve synthesized those into nine overlapping themes we’ve dubbed Game Changers, and this confluence of issues around identity, truth, and culture is our focus this week.

Trends are changes over time that we can already measure.

Emerging Issues are potential trends—they haven’t happened yet, but we can detect faint signs that they could be on the horizon.

With the internet and social media connecting different cultures and subcultures, the ideas that are part of the public discourse continually become increasingly diverse, and that diversity brings with it the potential for both benefits and risks. Will the US become more fragmented and disconnected? Will the combination of a broader array of viewpoints ultimately make us stronger?

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