Game Changer 3: Machines

Richard Lum | 09/24/2019

Welcome to week three in our series about the trends and emerging issues my team at Vision Foresight Strategy, LLC uncovered in our Futures Scan. The FORESIGHT team worked together to synthesize 72 trends and emerging issues identified in our scan into nine overlapping themes. We’re calling them Game Changers, and they have the potential to shape the future for health and well-being.

Trends are changes over time that we can already measure.

Emerging Issues are potential trends—they haven’t happened yet, but we can detect faint signs that they could be on the horizon.

This week, we explore the future of machines—not just machines that are physical hardware, like a car engine or a robot, but digital machines made entirely of software, ranging from simple social media algorithms to advanced artificial intelligence. This wide variety of machines also becomes more interconnected every day, developing into its own increasingly automated ecosystem with profound implications for the future.

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Machines are inevitably going to be a factor in the future. How do you think they might improve your life (or present new challenges)?

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