Game Changer 1: Environmental Breakdown

Richard Lum | 09/09/2019

The futurists on the FORESIGHT team (including myself, Wendy Schultz, and our colleagues at Vision Foresight Strategy, LLC) have been conducting a Futures Scan, which we’ll wrap up at the end of September. Poring over a wide range of information sources, such as academic literature, news, and other media, we’ve uncovered a wealth of information and identified 72 clear trends and emerging issues (the latter being early hints of what could become trends in the future) with the potential to impact the future for health and well-being. 

The scan is still in progress, and we will release an in-depth report in the coming months. If you want to get the gist of our findings so far, we’ve prepared 1–3 sentence summaries of each of the 72 items.

To simplify all of this, we synthesized the list into 9 Game Changers

Trends are changes over time that we can already measure.

Emerging Issues are potential trends—they haven’t happened yet, but we can detect faint signs that they could be on the horizon.

With these Game Changers, we combine groups of related trends and emerging issues and consider what their impact might be when taken together

Over the next nine weeks, I’ll be sharing these Game Changers with you in a video series. Each video provides a short, two-to-three minute rundown of the Game Changer. This week, we kick things off with something you were probably expecting to see on this list: Environmental Breakdown.

Click here for a transcript of the video

How much of a game changer do you anticipate environmental breakdown will be? If the possibilities in this video come to pass, how would that impact your personal or professional life? Tell us in the comments below, or connect using #FutureforHealth and #GameChangers on social media.

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